Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Top 10 Reasons to Join Usborne Books & More

Is literacy one of your passions? You are going to want to hear about our Literacy Movement!! 

Let's just get down to business, shall we?
There are SO many more reasons to join this company, but here are our team's TOP TEN!

Books for YOU and your home library.
Books for your friends and family.
Spreading the books across the country into the hands of children!
And they aren't just ANY books. These are SO special! High quality, engaging, illustrated beautifully, perfect for ALL ages. This is a product that you can stand behind 100% with PRIDE.
Peter Usborne, founder of Usborne UK, once said, "Children are clever - they are our equals. We shouldn’t talk down to them, but look across at them. Books should be friendly, and as much like magnets as possible. They should be reliable and accurate, stylish and artistic. They should be accessible and also surprising… They should promote wondering. They should be better than good."
Our company's MISSION is to provide EXCELLENT literacy resources to children across the country.
What was YOUR favorite childhood book?

You never have to worry that our product is a fad or a trend. EVERYONE needs books, all the time! We have books for babies and books for young adults! You could build a loyal customer base and help them with their book needs throughout their children's entire lives!
Even people who don't have children or whose children are adults can give books as gifts for special occasions and holidays!
There is ALWAYS a need for books!
Can you think of 3 people in your life right now that could benefit from having more books in their lives?



That's right, you do NOT have to do the end of month panicked search for sales to maintain your consultant status. With Usborne Books & More, you are 100% FREE to work your business WHEN and HOW you want to do so! Make it work when YOUR schedule allows! 

BONUS--Once a consultant, always a consultant! You never have to worry about losing your job! You could take six months off and still come back, no questions asked! 

What would a more flexible job allow you to do in your life?


You can earn up to 100% of your start up kit costs back within your first 30 days PLUS earn bonuses and rewards along the way!

Our team will help support you on your journey and help you reach your goals. If you earn your refund, you have ZERO to lose PLUS you have a box full of books and supplies worth WAY more than what you've paid!

What excites you more--earning a kit refund or snagging some fabulous books in your kit for an amazing discount?


Do you just want some extra cash to fund your Starbucks habit? 
Do you just want to pay for your kids' extracurricular activities or school tuition?
Do you want to pay off debt?
Do you want to leave your current job and be a full time book lady?
Do you want to bring in six figures (or more!)?

ALL of it is possible! WHATEVER your income goals are, we can help you reach it!

What would you do with your first $100 earned? What about your first $1000?

From Ireland to cruises, Disney World to Italy, Usborne Books & More offers a FREE vacation for you to earn EVERY YEAR!
This year we're working towards a vacation to the exclusive Club Med resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Our earning period JUST began this month, so this is the PERFECT time to jump in and start working your way to a relaxing trip!
When you earn this trip for two, who would you bring along with you?



There are so many consultants (me included!) who initially signed up because we were stay at home mamas who were looking for an outlet that was not tied to our kiddos. We LOVED what we were doing, but also wanted something that could be fun, purposeful, and for US. 

You can find personal achievement, receive national recognition, and just dive into something that is all YOURS. 

Get your personal tank filled and your family will benefit too! 

What's one way you think this business could help YOU?


This one is such a surprise to so many. While you are learning your business, learning about our product, and reaching for your own personal goals--something happens--you meet a TRIBE of women who LOVE books just as much as you do! 

Uzzie buddies could be the only reason to join, if you ask me! The friends I've made along the way are like family to me.  I treasure them so much!

What's better than finding those with a similar passion and drive to make friends for life?


We make it our JOB to make sure that we succeed as a TEAM. We are a branch of one of the biggest & most successful teams, the Achievers, in the company. 

This isn't about just one of us or a small group. It's about the team as a WHOLE. Upon joining, you gain access to our team FB page, team resources, team trainings, and so much more!

You don't have to worry about competitiveness or being left to learn on your own. We will catch hold of your hand and walk WITH you. 


If you want to just earn a little bit of fun money while you work a full time job or if you want to make this a full blown career, there is no cap on your potential or your income! We know folks who have earned six figures within their first year! We have consultants who have been a part of the company for over 20 years! We have consultants who are doctors, teachers, and other titles during the day and only book ladies by night or seasonally. We have stay at home moms, home schooling mamas, single moms, single women and women with many children, millenials through baby boomers!

Wherever you find yourself right now in life and circumstances, we know or have someone on our team who has walked your walk and know that there NO LIMITS in our business!

You can make this what YOU want it to be.

If money were no object, what would your BIG dream be??

Those are our Page Turner's top ten reasons to become an Usborne Books & More consultant!
*We are paid a 25% commission on all party sales with the opportunity to earn an additional 4% every month. This increase dramatically when you promote to team leader which is the best way to make incredible income and should be a goal to reach for.
*You get commission and sales credit for ALL sales, including your own purchases.
*You get our e-business package (your websites) FREE for the first 6 months. After that, it's only $8/month!
*You are NEVER required to carry your own inventory.
*There are NO sales quotas or minimums and NO maximums!
*You can join NOW for only $75!

Ready to take the plunge?  Join my team here!  

Need more info?  Contact me via email at the top of this blog.

Want to "try it before you buy it?"  Host an Usborne Books & More Facebook party!  Just contact me via this post or at the top right of my blog!  I'm happy to answer any questions and do a party for you!  It's SO easy, you and your friends will have SO MUCH FUN while YOU get a ton of free books!

Very interested but not quite ready to take the plunge?  I have a Facebook group set up JUST for people who are considering the opportunity.  I do NOT harass people there, I just give more info and the latest incentives from Usborne Books & More.  Feel free to join right here

What's So Great About Usborne Books & More and What Can They Do For My Child(ren) In My Life? Part 4 - Elementary Age Pt. 2

Sticker, Activity, and Picture Books...a look at how they teach your children and make learning SO fun!

Students learn best when learning is active: When they are mentally involved, when they engage in hands-on activities, when they are involved in a process of inquiry, discovery, investigation, and interpretation. 
Need help finding good sticker books?  
Search no further!  Usborne Books & More has exactly what you need!

Play is the fundamental, natural, universal activity of children. Play is intrinsically motivated for personal satisfaction and is a way of learning. It is the expressive activity resulting from the child’s desire to make sense of the world. 
Need help finding good activity books?  
Search no further!  Usborne Books & More has exactly what you need!

So Why Are Picture Books Important?

10. Chapter books are not necessarily more complex than picture books and in fact, their vocabulary and sentence structure can be considered simplistic when compared with older level picture books. Many picture books are written at a higher reading level, use amazingly complex vocabularies and offer interesting plots.
9. The illustrations of a picture book help children understand what they are reading and allow young readers to analyze the story. When children are having difficulty, the illustrations can help them figure out the meaning of what they are reading. The illustrations are also a powerful way to help English learners comprehend the story.
8. Children love art. Why do you think they spend so much time coloring, drawing and doing crafts? Whatever the reason children are drawn towards a book, it’s a means to get them to read.
7. Language:  Picture books allow children to practice the sounds of language and as parents it’s our responsibility to introduce new and interesting words at every opportunity. The rhythm and rhyme in many picture books make for great read-alouds and children learn words more easily when they hear them spoken often.
6. Repetition: The repetition in many picture books allows a child to participate in the story. Young readers get excited when they can anticipate a forthcoming line and children learn skills like phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension and fluency.
5. Picture books are multi-sensory, which aids a child’s growing mind and stimulates their imagination. Not only do the children hear the story, they see the illustrations, and smell and touch the pages.
4. Picture books can be a useful tool for teaching the concept of cause and effect. Before reading a picture book to your children, tell them to listen for key words such as because, so, if, then, as a result of, etc. These types of words can usually be found in a story that has a cause and effect relationship. Learn more in this article at the Writing for Children Center:
3. Picture books help develop story sense. Children learn the beginning, middle and end of a story and can often relate to the age-appropriate issues and conflicts presented in a picture book.
2. Picture books allow an entirely different, more interactive communication between parent and child. Picture books allow parents to spend time talking with their children about the story, pictures and words. This interaction builds reading comprehension. Picture books allow you to talk about what you see on each page, so be sure to talk about what happened in the story, ask about the characters, how they are feeling, and events that took place.
1. Picture books are fun and the key is to always make the reading experience fun and a time to look forward to. Reading should never be perceived as a chore. If you make reading a chore early on in a child’s development, they might grow to resent reading. Children who don’t naturally progress from picture books to chapter books may translate reading into working – more specifically, working that isn’t much fun.
It’s unfortunate that parents are pushing their kids past picture books, just as some turn up their noses at graphic novels and magazines. It’s important to encourage your kids to get their hands on everything they can, including picture books, comics, and even kid-friendly websites. It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they read and children who learn to love books will be children who grow up to be good readers.
Need help finding good picture books?  
Search no further!  Usborne Books & More has exactly what you need!

Interested in getting some books for FREE?  Contact me here!  ⟸⟸⟸

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day! Never forget....freedom is NEVER free.

As we all gather together with friends and family today and tonight...let's not forget...HOW we got here.

We are here, in America, because a group of people from Holland were tired of being persecuted for their faith and not being able to worship the one true God.

We are here, in America, because many men sacrificed their lives so that we could be removed from under England's "boot."  (No offense to those in the U.K....that would be like me being upset with Vietnam now...I'm not.)

We are here, in America, because 241 years ago, a group of dedicated men signed what would be named, "The Declaration of Independence."

We are here, because never free.  

Remember to thank your service men and women that you see today...the ones in your family...the one's you pass on the street...your neighbors...the one's you have lost to keep us that way.  Remember that some of them are suffering HORRIBLY, because there are so few joining the military now that when they come one understands what they've seen, suffered, and had to do.

Remember to quit complaining about things that won't matter on your death bed; and quit thinking that you are "entitled" to certain things just because you have breath in your lungs.  Freedom is NEVER free.

Remember those who are NOT in countries where they cannot leave their homes, walk down the street, or even sleep well...because at any given moment they could be massacred by who knows what.

Be thankful, for a God who loves us, and that we can trust, no matter what.  He DOES have a reason for everything, and He is incapable of lying.

Be thankful, for another day with your children, parents, friends, siblings.
You never know what day could be your or their....last.

Be thankful that we can worship without being beheaded in our a saw.

Be thankful, for that baby that cried all night last night because they could be suffering a horrible disease that WE have a cure for, but they do not.

Be thankful for friends...they are your reward for being who you are.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What's So Great About Usborne Books & More and What Can They Do For My Child(ren) In My Life? Part 3 - Elementary Age

Reading aloud presents books as sources of pleasant, valuable, and exciting experiences. Children who value books are motivated to read on their own.

Usborne Books & More has SO many fascinating "Lift-The-Flap" books!  Your child will be enthralled with learning what is under each flap.  When I read these to my children, I have to make sure they take turns...or else they all grab for the flaps at once!

Reading aloud gives children background knowledge, which helps them make sense of what they see, hear, and read. The more adults read aloud to children, the larger their vocabularies will grow and the more they will know about the world and their place in it.

The act of coloring can help to improve motor skills in young children. The actions, motions and precise grip involved in coloring can aid in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist. Fine motor skill development can help children write more skillfully as well as manipulate small objects. They can then build on these skills to become better typists and more adept in sports and other activities.

All of the books shown above, and much more, can be found at

Interested in joining me in my journey to stomp out illiteracy?  Visit the above link and click on "Join."

Please feel free to like my Facebook page!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's So Great About Usborne Books & More and What Can They Do For My Child(ren) In My Life? Part 2 - PreSchool & Kindergarten

Preschooler & Kindergartner age is so critical to getting ready to developing skills for reading, writing, math...and there things you can do (that don't feel like "school to them" to help prepare them!

* I have definitely noticed, after having 6 children, that it's the one's who read the most that are the most creative and best problem solvers.

* My children ALWAYS have easy access to scrap paper (if it has only been used/typed on one side, then it's "scrap paper"), washable markers, crayons, colored pencils.

When I would be homeschooling an older child and a younger one wanted to sit on my lap during that time, I took full advantage of it by writing the alphabet down and helping them learn to write the letters themselves.  It really helped!

I hope that these little tid-bits of information help you as you raise readers!  :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's So Great About Usborne Books & More and What Can They Do For My Child(ren) In My Life? Part 1 - Babies & Toddlers

I have a LOT of great info to tell you, so I'm going to break it up into three separate posts.

First....babies and toddlers.

Isn't this photo just precious?  

My youngest child, when just five months old, would ALWAYS be looking forward to me to her at nap times.  :)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Work At Home AND Love It...Even If You're Already Work or Are a A Busy Stay At Home Mom? Can it be done? You bet!

I've been homeschooling since 2001.  Ten years later, after trying to be a "worker at home" a bit to supplement our income, I tried quite a few things:  Virtual Assistant -- too much pressure.  HAD to have things done at a certain time.  Just couldn't handle that much stress with so much to do at home with 6 children; Online Search Engine answering technician (Cha Cha or something like that?) -- LOTS of work with VERY little pay and lots of sicko's; and transcription -- again, too much "THIS HAS BE DONE NOW!" pressure when I just had too much going on.  Plus, all of the above were BORING me to tears.  I also saw SO many "get rich quick" schemes...and actually fell for one at first...and now they make me sick to my stomach. PLEASE...whatever you do...don't make my mistake.  Work at home jobs take WORK if you want to make real money...honestly, at least.

So, I went to one of those work at home websites, and, found Usborne Books & More (after looking around at everything else).  I never even KNEW that you could sell these awesome books as a work at home job!  I had used and VERY much enjoyed a lot of them in our homeschooling...but sharing them with others AND making a difference in the cause against illiteracy AND getting paid to do it?  I knew I had found my niche.

So I joined up!  I started doing home shows (there were no such things as "Facebook Parties," or even Facebook--at least it wasn't popular--back then, worked with schools and libraries, did booth events, and made a great income (at least $100/week) as far as helping our my family with bills and extracurricular things.

I promoted to Supervisor about a year later, and made even more.

Then, we decided to adopt a baby with Down syndrome.  We wanted to adopt a child that would really NEED a home, and that wasn't "wanted" by the majority.  He has been our little bundle (born in March of '08) of joy ever since.

However, I KNEW that I needed to take time off to care for him.  So, I backed out of being an Usborne Books & More consultant.  Little did I know how much I would miss it!

Now, 6 years later, in November of 2016, I felt I had the time, and definitely the desire, to take it on again.  I am SO glad I did!  I'm building my team, making at least $100/week again, making great friends...and oh the books!  How I missed them.  I'm also enjoying the blessing of blessing OTHERS with free books...including those in poverty.

Yes, I'm still homeschooling; and yes, I'm still a busy mom.  However, I can work this business when I can and want (there are NO sales quota's), and I know how much I can handle on my "plate" and when to say "no."  I live a very productive and blessed life.
Do you love books?  Do you have a passion for blessing others and getting books into the hands of children and away from so much of the "electronics" (not that anything is wrong with those in moderation...but reading more and more lately...electronics are addictive.  (This will say that you can't watch it, but just click on the blue "Vimeo" word, and you can.  ;)

So, if you feel like this might be for you, feel free to leave a comment, contact me, and definitely read more about the opportunity at my website here: and click on "Join."

Yes, this is matter how busy you are.  You may have to let go of some of the "But I'd have to give up ____________" things that you are doing that, if you think about it, are a waste of time (I had to...there were a few)...but yes, you can DO this.  If not with Usborne, follow YOUR passion.