Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Homeschool Curriculum Plans for 2014-2015

We'll be entering our 14th year of homeschooling this year.  Wow!  I still love it.  I have to admit, planning is one of my favorite parts.  This year I will have ages 18 (she is graduating, but will be taking some CLEP tests and possibly some college from home...so...she still counts...hahaha), 15, 11, 9, 6, and 3.

Here is what I plan to do this year.

HISTORY:  The Mystery of History, Volume II - We actually need to finish up the last six weeks of volume I, but since Volume II only has 28 weeks, we should be able to get through it all.  If not, oh well.  I really don't worry too much about "finishing" a volume by the end of the year since it is just chronological.  Who cares, right?  I just continue where we left off.  We use the note booking pages, coloring pages, and challenge cards as well.  I just love MOH (Mystery of History).  So easy to use with different ages.  I actually considered dropping MOH this year, because I thought my kids weren't retaining much of it, but they all screamed, "NO!  WE LOVE IT!"  So, okay!

I have a post on how I organize The Mystery of History right here, if anyone is curious.  :)

I will also be finishing up My Father's World First Grade with my 6yo.  I love using MFW for Kindergarten and First Grade.  I also have a post on how I organize My Father's World right here.  It's the same for Kindergarten as with the First Grade materials.

MATH:  Teaching Textbooks for grades 3 and up.  Singapore 1A & 1B before that.  TT3 (Teaching Textbooks, grade 3) seems to go well after that.  All of my kids have done well with it.  It's a keeper!  Self-grading?  I hardly have to teach math at all!  Frees up my time for other things. 

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Learning Language Arts Through Literature.  I like how it is all inclusive.  :)  So many different things to learn in those books. 

SCIENCE:  Nature study or Considering God's Creation until old enough to do Apologia older sciences.

BIBLE:  Awana club at our church.

READING:  Last year I found All Through The Ages by Christine Miller and use it as my guide to choosing readers for the kiddos to go with our history.  LOVE IT!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Soccer, basketball, baseball...usually through our church's private school team, but sometimes through a city rec.  Considering having the children take karate.  It's hard to fit that into our schedule, though.  Ugh.

MUSIC:  Going to try to incorporate more listening to and learning about composers this year.  I am a total Mozart fan, and would love to learn more about other composers.  Yeah, Amadeus the movie (although not something we play in front of the kids -- due to the immodesty of the dress) sold me on Mozart.  This year I purchased "A Young Scholars Guide To Composers" from Bright Ideas Press.  You can buy it other places as well, it's on sale this month through BIP
I'll probably get some other things as I research through the summer, too.  Some fun stuff for the younger kiddos.  I'd also really like to see if any of them are interested in learning an instrument.  I've got a junior guitar, a keyboard, and a recorder.  We'll see what happens.

TIMELINE:  Okay, so I tried a wall timeline, and it didn't generate much interest.  SO...now I'm going to just use the high school level timeline books sold by My Father's World.  I love how they separate the areas of the world.  I got the idea from those books for my wall timeline, anyway.

NARRATION, COPYWORK, and DICTATION as directed by Charlotte Mason's philosophy.  I just adore her.  I think I'll use this chart from Ambleside Online as a guideline

MISC:  Cursive and typing for my 11yo.  I tried cursive with him a couple of years ago, but he has difficulty with handwriting and just wasn't ready.  As long as he KNOWS it by the time he graduates, I'll be happy.  :p

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