Saturday, August 25, 2012

How I organize Kindergarten - My Father's World

I thought I would share this.  This will be our third time using MFW-K (My Father's World - Kindergarten), and I like this way of it setting it up. 

MFW-K (2nd edition) comes in a box with these items: 

MFW - K 2nd Edition Deluxe

I keep all of the large, bulky items (Ant hill, Butterfly garden, globe, etc.) in my closet, but everything else goes into one of these.

Locker Crate from WalMart
Here are the other items I use to organize MFW - K:
1" - 2" Clear View Binder
7 Envelopes - At least 9" x 13" size
Clear Contact Paper
3 Tab Dividers (any type)
2 Pendaflex Hanging File Folders
2" x 4" labels - You don't HAVE to have these - unless you want to get all fancy-dancy :o)
Binder clips - I use the tiny ones
Index Card Box for Picture Cards
26 small envelopes for picture cards

 Teacher Manual and Clearview Folder
Insert Student Sheets cover page into front of binder.  I write my kiddo's name at the top and the year he did the curriculum.
Inside of Binder - Tab Dividers
I have the three tab dividers labeled:  Calendar, 100 Chart, and Completed Work.  I keep the calendar pages and 100 Chart right in the binder.  I make a copy of the notes in the teacher's manual and put them right before it, just to help remind me of what I want to do.  I actually don't use MFW's calendar pages.  I prefer to have ones that are already dated correctly - so that I don't have to take the time to write them out - from Donna Young (see link above).  Completed Work is for completed student pages (obviously, or for any other pictures or photographs that I might want to include in his folder for the year.)
Same with the 100 Chart - copy instructions from TM (Teacher's Manual) and insert.
I keep a bookmark sticker tab in the section of the Teacher's Manual that tells you book suggestions.  I order my library books online (inter-library loan) and keep track of where I am at with the sticker tab.  That way, I know where to pick up from the next time I order books online.
Pendaflex Files
On these I label "Games, Misc." and "A-Z Flashcards."  I keep any games, the music CD, etc., and for the A-Z Flashcards one I keep the cards in order that I will need them for the year.  That way, I can just replace them as needed in Envelope 1 (see below).

If you just like to laminate, or if you have other younger children that might be using MFW-K in future years, I would laminate the following:  A-Z Flash cards (with the pictures on them), Short Vowel Song cards,  Blend Ladder, Letter Sound Bingo, and the ABC Game Cards.

Extra Sets of A-Z Flash Cards
Also, speaking of the A-Z Flash cards, if you have children using MFWK in the future and have to buy the student sheets again (and you will receive another set of A-Z Flash cards with each set you order), you could put the extra set up across a wall to help remind your children their letter sounds and how to write letters.

Picture Cards
 Print labels (or write on envelopes) with capital and lower case letters for picture cards.  Keep in file box.
I keep this on a shelf nearby.  It won't fit in the locker crate.  I just empty this at the end of the year and save the envelopes for the next kid in Kindergarten.
9 x 13 Envelopes
Label the 7 envelopes:  Creation, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6.  Also list under each title what activities are inside of each envelope.
Close-up view of an envelope

Student Pages
Three-hole punch and separate student pages by day, put into piles for each day (Creation, Day 1, etc.).  Clip them together in order (Unit 1 is on top, of course).  Put them, along with all supplies needed for each day (that will fit), into the envelopes.
Creation pile -- Note that I make a copy of the "Creation - The Foundation" pages from the teacher's guide.  You don't have to do this, but I do so that I don't have to flip around in the manual as much.
I copy the pages from the Reading Plan in the teacher's manual, too, and put each day into the envelopes.  I keep the teacher's manual on hand for the daily unit teaching.  Again, you don't have to do this, but it is convenient for me.  Don't worry, I don't copy the whole teacher's manual.  ;o)
So now you have almost everything you need in each day's envelope.  This way, you can just grab the teacher's manual and that day's envelope (along with scissors, glue, crayons, etc., that you need for that day), sit down at your table (or wherever you work) and start!

I keep everything except for the big bulky items in one of these locker crates.  I like these because I can move them around easily and keep them in my closet or bedroom when not needed.  No clutter laying around!

Whew, okay, that's it!  Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!  I'd love to hear them!


  1. Thanks for sharing!!! :) It is always neat to see what others are doing! On the Reading Plan I may copy that like you did! I have done each unit in folders. This is my first year with MFW so I am a tad nervous but hoping we do well!

  2. Do you refill the Day 1-6 envelopes each week with the new info?

    1. No, I keep the whole year's worth in it...or in the notebook. :)

  3. Not really. I just keep all of the day 6 sheets in there, clipped together with a binder clip, and just do the next one in the stack each week. Does that make sense? :o)

  4. I love your organization! Just to clarify, for the envelopes, you put all of Day 1, Day 2, etc. for the year in each envelope and clip the pages for each day together and so you pull out the clipped pages for each day from the right evvelope? Thanks!

  5. Right. So, for Day 1 envelope, all of Day 1 items for the whole year are put together. Each week that you go into the Envelope for Day 1, the one you need will be right on top.

  6. I got this curriculum from a friend but it did not come with the ABC game cards. Could you please explain what these are and how they are used? I have not been able to find any information on them. Thank you in advance!

    1. Sure! You can see and purchase them right here:

      Or, perhaps, find them used on eBay.