Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why we used My Father's World

We used My Father's World curriculum from 2006-2012.  Before that, we used Sonlight.  I've also tried and/or seriously researched Tapestry of Grace, Biblioplan, Mystery of History, TruthQuest, Heart of Dakota, Winter Promise, Five In A Row, and maybe a few more that aren't coming to mind right now.  Not to say that those other curriculum (curriculi?) aren't wonderful (they are or I wouldn't have even considered them!), it's just that MFW had what works best for us and the vision that God has given us as a homeschooling family.

After all of my research, and lots of prayer, I had no doubt in my mind that My Father's World was the curriculum for us.  Here is why: 

  1. They (and I am actually quoting their website here, because they say it better than I could -- haha) "combine the best of Charlotte Mason, classical education, and unit studies with a Biblical worldview and international focus."  I LOVE Charlotte Mason.  One of the first books I ever read when we decided to homeschool in 2001 was "A Charlotte Mason Companion:  Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning."  It really helped me to see what was really important in homeschooling.
  2. The projects are EASY.  I am not the type of mom who likes to work on a complex-almost-impossible-to-finish project.  Ugh!  I want things as simple as possible.  MFW has done that for me.  They are a no-nonsense company.
  3. Their mission's focus.  LOVE IT!  The stories of missionaries fascinate and inspire me!  My older children love for me to read them aloud.  They are special moments for us.
  4. Everything is explained so well.  They almost make it too easy.  I have never had to call the company and ask a question.  I do sometimes glean some ideas from the message board.
  5. They are as "twaddle-free" as possible.  I rarely feel like anything I am reading or teaching is a waste of time.  I am big on not wasting my time.
  6. It works for all types of learners and learning styles.
  7. It prepares them for living in the real world.
  8. I can focus on Kindergarten and 1st grade, teach 2nd-8th grade together, and high school is done independently (mostly).
You can read MFW's overview and more information here.  Their FAQ list is here.  Just hold your arrow over the "About" link at the top, and read more!

Edited 3/22/13
I have, however, switched to a more "design my own" approach.  Not completely, however, as we are very much enjoying The Mystery of History, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Teaching Textbooks Math, and living books.  I also still plan to use My Father's World Kindergarten and First Grade. You can read more about our switch here.


  1. Yikes - Hate to see that you passed over Biblioplan since I write the curriculum!! Ugh!! Would love to know what you didn't like about it... I don't know about getting a subsidy for Lance or Steven - that is out of my knowledge! GO GET THEM!! Everything that Nicole says about them makes me want to get them too but we are not in that position right now!

  2. Oh, no, Julia! I sure didn't mean that I didn't "like" those other curriculum (I will rephrase that)...I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings! It's just that MFW is what works best for us.

  3. Julia - regarding Lance and Steven - I'm not sure we are in "that position," either. That's up to the Lord. We haven't finalized on Josh's adoption yet (just waiting for paperwork to get completed), and my husband said he wanted to wait to get THAT done before considering another adoption. He is open to future adoptions and even adopting a child that is we'll see! It's in the Lord's hands now...not that it ever wasn't. ;o) Thanks!