Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day! Never forget....freedom is NEVER free.

As we all gather together with friends and family today and tonight...let's not forget...HOW we got here.

We are here, in America, because a group of people from Holland were tired of being persecuted for their faith and not being able to worship the one true God.

We are here, in America, because many men sacrificed their lives so that we could be removed from under England's "boot."  (No offense to those in the U.K....that would be like me being upset with Vietnam now...I'm not.)

We are here, in America, because 241 years ago, a group of dedicated men signed what would be named, "The Declaration of Independence."

We are here, because freedom...is never free.  

Remember to thank your service men and women that you see today...the ones in your family...the one's you pass on the street...your neighbors...the one's you have lost to keep us that way.  Remember that some of them are suffering HORRIBLY, because there are so few joining the military now that when they come home...no one understands what they've seen, suffered, and had to do.

Remember to quit complaining about things that won't matter on your death bed; and quit thinking that you are "entitled" to certain things just because you have breath in your lungs.  Freedom is NEVER free.

Remember those who are NOT free...living in countries where they cannot leave their homes, walk down the street, or even sleep well...because at any given moment they could be massacred by who knows what.

Be thankful, for a God who loves us, and that we can trust, no matter what.  He DOES have a reason for everything, and He is incapable of lying.

Be thankful, for another day with your children, parents, friends, siblings.
You never know what day could be your or their....last.

Be thankful that we can worship without being beheaded in our country...by a saw.

Be thankful, for that baby that cried all night last night because they could be suffering a horrible disease that WE have a cure for, but they do not.

Be thankful for friends...they are your reward for being who you are.

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