Friday, March 4, 2011

Not this time...

I received the email (below, in blue) this morning. I'm actually not really upset, because I know she will be in a loving home and that another family is already bonded to her.

Dear Tracey:
It is with disappointment that I have to tell you that "A" is no longer available for adoption.

We've just received a call from the foster care worker for "A." The Guardian ad Lit em (GAL) will not approve an out of state adoption, and a pet
ition is being filed today for the child to remain with her foster family. First, the foster mother and father want to adopt her. Secondly, the foster mother is a cardiac nurse.

The GAL did not feel it was best for the child to travel. She is now very sick and turns purple regularly - in fact, the foster care worker implied that they weren't sure that she would make it through the surgery at 3 months.

I'm sorry for this disappointing news. With the best interests of "A" at stake, we have to believe this is the best decision for her.

Thank you for your genuine interest in her. We will keep your information on file should another Downs baby come our way.

God bless your family.

My first reaction to reading the email was, "What?! Why wasn't I told there was another family already bonding with this baby? I would NEVER even dream of taking a baby from someone like that. Why did they even THINK about looking for another family?" I'll definitely ask from now on if the baby is in any sort of foster or temporary care with someone who may consider trying to adopt her. You know, I even thought about asking something like that, but didn't feel it was my place. Well, it sure will be from now on. I went through quite a bit of emotional turmoil (to say the least) waiting for this answer. It could have all been avoided. I'll bet my profiled wasn't even shown to the birth mom. Someone wasn't doing their job well here.

But! Hey. Lesson learned. I'll just keep moving forward! I get notified about once a month about a new adoption I am hopeful that I will hear about another little one very soon. I'll keep trudging along, saving every nickle and dime for the expenses, doing new fundraisers, and letting other agencies know that we are available.

It is well with my soul. :o)


  1. God is in complete control. HE is at work for you and for the baby that is coming into your family soon! Waiting is always so hard but know HIS Will is perfect! Praying for you friend!

    Mandy Joye

  2. Tracy, one of the things I like best about how you're dealing with this situation is your heart that wants what is best for this little girl. I feel good imagining her being adopted by a foster mom who really wants to keep her, and who is a cardiac nurse, given her medical issues. That just makes me feel like she has a good chance at a great life, even though she won't be in your arms. Thanks for giving them options, so if there wasn't this great home, yours would be next. KelliSue