Sunday, April 14, 2013

Benefits of Himalayan Salt - Never Buy The Nasty Stuff Again!

Bleh!  Now that I have watched this video and the article under it, I will NEVER use regular table salt again.  Wow!  I've heard about how sea salt was better for you, and started purchasing it (pshhh...but I was buying "white" sea salt...which is also processed)...but I never heard any of THIS!  Holy crap!  (sorry)  What a difference!  WATCH this...(please excuse the look on Dr. Mercola's face ;o)

Anyway, buy Himalayan salt.  I got two pounds for $9.25 on Amazon.  Two pounds of salt is a lot!  Why would I pay, what $1 for nasty stuff that is killing me instead of $9.25 for something that is good for me?!  Plus, this amount should last me a good 3-4 months at least.  Don't blow $10 on a couple of fast-food meals (which are awful for you, anyway), and splurge on this stuff.   Your body will thank you!

Read all about how nasty table salt is and the benefits of Himilayan salt here: Himilayan Salt vs. Table Salt.