Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homeschooling, Soccer, and Fishing...oh my!

Whew -- we're busy!  But...not toooooo busy.  ;o)  You know how that is, right?  Where you schedule is pretty packed, but you aren't all stressed out.  That's just how I like it.  Ahhh...the kids are involved in some good stuff, but I'm not having screaming fits over not having enough time for everything.  All is well in the world.

Homeschooling -- We've been keeping on track with our new schedule for My Father's World.  This is way more realistic for our family.  Four days of MFW per week is plenty.  I'm doing the crafts, games, and activities a LOT more...and am enjoying it!  I take one day off for things like appointments, shopping, field trips, or other activities.  I'm so glad I finally came to terms with what works for us.  It feels grand.  My teacher's manual will NEVER control me again.

Did the "metal casting" activity this week from ECC Week 20.  Pretty cool, but I let the kids paint them on their own (I think I was in the tub or outside in the garden).  They didn't turn out too fantastic, but, oh well.  Plaster of Paris is cheap.  I want to work with that stuff again, but in a way that is more casting foot prints or something.

"Metal Casting" from ECC week 20 -- took some tin foil and wrapped it around bowls, then filled them with plaster.

Let them dry, then popped them out.

Painted with washable tempera paint.

Soccer -- My kids do sports off and on...but never like this.  This year, with my new-found energy (so to speak) and desire to get my kiddos involved in more outside activities, I enrolled my three oldest in soccer with our church's school, "Grace Christian Academy."  It's been great!  Really or practice just about every day, but great!  My oldest (16yo daughter) is really into it, and even though their team is in dead last (it doesn't help that they only have about 11 players altogether), she has been really into it.  She gets all banged up, bruised, but goes back in fighting.  Love it!  Don't get me wrong, there are some great players on their team, but there are only 11 of them, where most teams usually have at least twice that.  No one gets a break on our team.  Anyway, I just take along the school work that needs corrected or my crocheting, sit, and gab with my friends.  This is much better than doing the town sports.  I don't know anyone, and they would all have different practice times and games all over the place.  Bleh.

Tasha, Jordan, and Tristin
Fishing -- Well, the season is winding down.  Not my cup of tea, but hubs and most of the kids love fishing.  My husband aint' no amateaur, either.  My man is SERIOUSLY into fishing.  We're talkin' fishing shows, BassMaster magazine, Bass Times magazine, tons of lures from Dick's...dreams of going pro someday...serious fishing.  He doesn't have a boat (yet), but knows the good spots around town.  His favorite spot is just around the corner on Tacoma Lakes.

Jaden, Chet, and A.J. after a morning of fishing.  They catch 'em this size ALL summer long!
Life is good.  I'm still free in my foxhole...and am loving the Lord and life!

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