Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 9 - Outside Activity - My Father's World - Kindergarten

Me and A.J. went outside to find things created by God (I forgot to take pics of things that people made!  We'll have to do that later).  This week, A.J. has been asking Da-da and I (he calls us "Da-Da and Ma-ma...and if you knew him, you would melt when you hear it...) what God has made vs. what people have put together.  He's learning so much!

He found all of these himself.  He wanted to take the "fun glass" (magnifying glass) with him to get a better look at everything.  ;o)

God made leaves!

God made the trees.

God made "Da-Da"

God made flowers (these are some of our Morning Glories on our front porch -- they're taking over!)

God made apples (our first tree with fruit!)

God made broccoli (these are from our garden, obviously)

God made green beans!

God made pumpkins!

God made raspberries (this is part of our HUGE raspberry bushes -- raspberries are all gobbled up)

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