Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012-13 Curriculum Plans

2012/13 curriculum plans for 5/6 of our children ages 16, 13, 9, 7, and 4.  This is our 12th year of homeschooling, so we already own much of this.  :o)

Curriculum 2012-2013

Tristin – 11th grade
My Father’s World U.S.History to 1877                           
        (Covers U.S. history, government, English, and Bible (3 full-year 

Science – Advanced Biology - Apologia                             
                  (also purchasing's supply kits)

Math – Teaching Textbooks Geometry                             

Foreign Language (French)
                Le Français Facile! Level IA (HS Reader Award)

        Health Package                                                       

End of year CLEP
        CLEP College Composition Exams w/ CD-ROM                                       
        REA CLEP History of the US 1 w/ CD-ROM                                          
        CLEP College Algebra                          


Tasha - 8th Grade
2nd half of MFW ECC                                                 

Science – ApologiaGeneral Science                               
Math – MathUSee Delta                                          

Language Arts
Writing Strands 5                                              
All-In-One English Series                                  

Jordan - 5th Grade
2ndhalf of MFW ECC                                                                       

Math – TeachingTextbooks 5                                                           

Language Arts
        Intermediate Language Lessons                                                
        Writing Strands 3                                                                    
Jaden - 2nd Grade
End of MFW 1st - Listen in on ECC                             

Math - Complete Book of Math/living math real books  
            Singapore Math 1A & 1B set                           

Language Arts
Spelling w/sound and structure                        
Primary Language Lessons                                

A.J. - Kindergarten
Teacher Manual                                         
        Student Sheets                                            
        Say Hello to Classical Music                           
        Kindergarten Literature Collection              


  1. Looks like some really nice choices for your school year. We did the MFW K and my son enjoyed it....also-thanks for the posts and info on adoption, esp for a Ds child. We're trying to save to adopt a Ds child(ren) overseas. Have a great year!

    1. Thanks, Sheri! Best wishes on your adoption.

  2. Tracey,
    I just discovered your blog and am so thankful I did! I have four children: Nick 9th grade (doing AHL), Abby 7th grade(ECC), Joey soon to be MFW K and our little one Kristen age 2. My Abby, uses Math U See. We used Saxon for a year, then I switched to Math U See. I switched both kids, sorry I did now. My oldest should've stayed with it, MUS didn't work for him. I thought about Teaching Textooks, I looked at it a few times, tried the placement exams too. In the end, we're sticking with Saxon for the oldest, MUS for our daughter Abby and for now I plan to go with Singapore for the two youngest, when appropriate. My oldest used the General Science in sixth grade, but we were not using MFW then, I learned about it February of his sixth grade year, but didn't end up using it until this year. I have no plans to use anything else now! We're not using Gen Sci for Abby.. she would not have done well. Instead we're using the science they have listed in ECC and then she's adding in extra reading and activities for the things like desserts, rivers, lakes etc. Then she's choosing one to two animals from each country and creating lapbooks/notebooking pages. She's loving science! I'm happy to see there are others using MFW and some other things we are. We are keeping up, for the most part, with the schedule, although we lost some time in January (family member sick and went home to Jesus). So.. just wanted to say thank you for you blog! We're in NY :) Jennifer