Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's new!

I'm going to just smoosh a bunch of smorgasbord things together here that have been going on for the last month. Ok? Great!LinkJosh turned 6 months! He weighs 14.6 lbs. and is 25 inches long. Such a big boy and very healthy! I don't even think he has much of a reflux issue anymore, but I give him 1/2 teaspoon of Colic-Ease Gripe Water every morning just in case. I feel good about it because it is more natural...and it works! I've also discovered a web site that talks about some great all natural health products for children with Down Syndrome at Changing Minds Foundation. I'm only interested in the all natural products, though...not the Prozac (yikes!).

Nutrition! I've been researching healthy eating big time...mostly because my 6yo son is having stomach issues (he has to have an upper and lower endoscopy later this month). We're not sure if he has Celiac or what. We may have to go Gluton-free. I hope not, but I'm getting prepared in case we are. I've been reading quite a bit at (and getting ready to try some of her recipes), and am interested in Nourishing Traditions. Whew. So much to learn. I'm only buying raw milk now, raw butter, farm fresh/organic eggs, and (I've been doing this for a while) meat only from our local farm that is all natural (they only use antibiotics on their animals when they are sick). Trying to cut down on the high fructose corn syrup, too, and making our own sweets like Chocolate Syrup for chocolate milk.

Preserving food from our garden and/or farmer markets and farms! Whew! It's work, but worth it, right?! Yummy fresh food can't be beat! Learning all about canning (except that I am doing freezer scares me because I have little kids and granite counters!) from the Pick Your Own site.

New Playground! Daddy-o made a new playground this past month. Very cool! I think the great big sandbox is my favorite part. Too bad it's getting too wet and cold to play in it anymore this year. Ah well. So thankful for a hard-working husband that loves his children SO MUCH!

Future: Tomorrow after church we're going to get together with some homeschooling buddies and press apples into cider (and eat dinner later -- yummy!). Wednesday we're going apple picking (more preserving! I'm going to make crock-pot apple sauce...maybe try my hand at apple butter...?).

Enjoying life, loving the Lord, loving my children, loving my husband (not in that order! Ha...)


  1. I'm glad you are all doing so well. You definitely have been keeping yourself busy. Just keep updating us when you can. :)