Friday, April 22, 2011

Bringing home Joshua

Oh my gosh, aren't I awful for not posting this yet! I feel like I've neglected a good friend.

I'm going to keep this pretty short, too, because I just have so much going on in the next few weeks. Today is my hubby's birthday, I have books to mail out that I sold, we're painting Easter eggs, and I have to get ready for a couple of Reach For The Stars programs with a couple of local schools (this has to do with my Usborne business -- and I have to do these because they are funding our post adoption visits and next year's homeschool curriculum -- besides, I like doing them...but the timing isn't too great with a new baby!)

So the last thing I posted was that we were waiting for grant approval. Well, obviously we got it! What a blessing! I just can't believe someone paid ALL of our agency fees ($6,000!) like that. It almost reminds me of Christ's unconditional love for us and all that He did for us.

Ok, so we picked up Joshua from Michigan on April 4th. We came back home on April 8th, and have been enjoying him ever since. What a sweet baby! He is so easy-going, too. The only time he fusses is if he's hungry or sleepy. He weighed 4lbs. 11 oz. at birth and when I took him in for his check-up on Wednesday he weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz! He's in the <3% percentile for his height, weight, and head circumference...but he's just perfect to me! I think the percentages are lower for babies with DS, anyway.

ALL of our children enjoy him very much, even our 3yo! My 15yo, who did not want us to adopt, even said yesterday, "Ok, I'll pick you up...but only because I love you!" Hahaha...sucker.

I'm looking forward to him smiling at me. He looks at me very intently...I can tell he's studying me, but still no smile. He just turned 6 weeks old this week, so I just need to be patient, I'm sure.

I'm waiting for his birth certificate so that I can get him his SS card and then SSI...I want that subsidy to start so that I can put that money away for him. That's a whole other story, though.

So, I'm a mama of six! Yeah, things are pretty nuts most of the time right now. I'm learning to juggle again. But...loving it, too!

Ok, I have to go. More details later. So much to do.

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