Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby girl with DS!

I'm a little bit excited. I was emailed last night about a baby girl with Down Syndrome that is up for adoption. Eee! We don't have our new/updated home study with our agency yet, but I think they are ok with our DHHS one for now. They are evaluating it today and will present us (I hope...) with 2-3 more families to the birth mom soon. I sure hope they keep me updated.

I'm a little bit worried, too, because at first the agency seemed like they weren't even going to consider us when I said that we only had a DHHS (Foster) home study at this time. I told her that we are in the process of getting a new/updated one from our private agency, and that it should be completed by the end of March, but that we might be able to get it hurried along if needed. She said that for now we are ok, since things weren't moving quickly with the medical reports on the baby. Well, I think I will call my private agency tomorrow anyway and see what they think...if we should rush things a bit or not.

A girl...a baby girl! I want her...and I could easily get super excited about this, but I am not letting myself. I just want to be careful and be sure that I have as many of my "ducks in a row" as possible...know what I mean?

My fundraiser and book sale has pretty much bombed, but I am not letting that get me down. Many people on Facebook said they would help, but only four have for some reason. That's ok...but it is odd to me that people say YES and then never follow through. Oh well. I'm very thankful for the few who have! I won't be able to give away the $50 in Usborne books with only that much in donations, though. I will give away the gifts cards, though, I suppose. I hate to leave people with nothing.

I'm already up to about $300 of the $500 needed to get our home study finished by selling old home school curriculum that we don't use and from selling some books on eBay. So, that is good!

I also heard from one of the grant places that we should have no trouble getting money if it is available. However, we have to have that new home study in order to officially apply.

So, if you can, please pray that God's will would be done throughout the whole decision process with this baby girl. Thank you!

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