Saturday, March 16, 2013

SCD Yogurt Smoothies

This is a recipe that my whole family enjoys (well, 6/8 of my family) -- so to me, that means they are a huge hit!

SCD Yogurt Smoothies -- I make these about once every three days.  So good and soooo good for you.  This recipe makes about 5 3-cup servings.

  • Blender - I own a Ninja that I got at WalMart, and have been very pleased with it.  I love that it has 6 blades.  This is not your ordinary blender, just look at the picture I posted at the link.  Other blenders have let me down.  I guess my next step, if this one dies soon, would be a VitaMix.
  • 1/4-1/3 batch of SCD Yogurt (made in a Yorgurmet yogurt maker (approx 3-4 cups?)  You don't HAVE to have a Yogurmet Yogurt maker.  You can make it other ways, I've just never done them.  You can research that online.
  • 2.5 oz. Organic Baby Spinach (I get this at Hannaford and use half of the container)  I just fill up the blender about halfway with a big handful.
  • Frozen fruit - I buy this from Walmart.  Just a big bag of frozen fruit.  I usually buy strawberries, blueberries, or the mixed fruit or berries.  Whichever you like is fine!  I fill up my blender the rest of the way with the fruit.
  • Honey to taste (I use raw unfiltered honey that is local, when I can afford it...otherwise just regular honey.)
Blend until smooth!  Yummy!  Now, if you find that your batch is too thick, just keeeeeeeep blending.  Sometimes I have to blend mine for about 5 minutes before they will pour. We like 'em thick!  I'll post pics the next time I make some.

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