Saturday, July 30, 2011

So much is good! And, next year's curriculum...

Well, again, I haven't posted in a while. reason, really. However, I've been thinking that I really want to start blogging about our homeschool I will be posting more. I have been using My Father's World curriculum for 6 years now, and I'd like to be a help to other families in that regard.

I can honestly say that I have bonded MUCH more with Joshua these past couple of months. I no longer worry about how I feel about him...and I am using that as my thermometer. Strange, huh? I guess what I mean is that I am no longer worried about loving him enough. He's just another one of my cool kids. ;o)

So! Ok, on I go. I've been working a lot this summer on getting organized for our 2011-2012 school year, which is scheduled to begin on August 8th. Yes, that's a bit earlier than the public school system, but I'm going to try schooling year-round this time. We will be schooling for three weeks and then taking one off. We will also get two weeks off at Christmas. The weeks off in February and April coincide with the public school's winter and spring breaks. This way my children who have friends in public school can still hang out with their friends those weeks. The children will still get their birthdays off, too. My 10th grader, however, is not interested in doing this schedule, so she will just go by the public school's. She works independently, anyway, so that is fine.

I've been copying books (Only ones that allow it! No copyright infringement here. ;o), covering books with laminate, and writing down art, science, and cooking supply lists for the year. I like to have ALL of that typed out in a word doc before I even start the year. That way, I can carry a list around in my purse and I (hopefully) won't be stuck on a Monday without the supplies I need for the week.

Here is the curriculum we are using this year. It is mostly from My Father's World.

10th grader: World History and Literature -- with recommended electives from My Father's World (including Rosetta Stone French, Level 2); Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2. My Father's World recommends Saxon math, but we're trying this this year with her. My other children are doing very well with Teaching Textbooks.

7th grader: Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC), with the 7th & 8th Grade Supplement. I'm a little hesitant to even use that supplement, because ECC is very rich on it's we'll see how it goes for her. Apples - Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students - this comes recommended by a friend of mine. My 7th grader hasn't gained much from using My Father's World's recommended Spelling Power, so we are going to try this this year. I like that is will teach spelling rules. I know that Spelling Power does that, too, but this approach is different. We'll see again! :o) Teaching Textbooks 7 CD's. She has done very well with TT so far. Why change? :o) Language arts and science as recommended by My Father's World.

4th grader: Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC). I will probably have to use a LOT of the book basket books as reading to my 4th grader. Many of the texts and read-alouds used in ECC are just too far above my younger one's heads. :o) Teaching Textbooks 4 CD's. Language arts and science as recommend by My Father's World.

1st grader: My Father's World First Grade. My little guys did WONDERFULLY with MFW Kindergarten last year, and I look forward to working with him again this year with the First Grade materials. :o)

Preschooler (4yo): My Father's World Preschool and many other ideas I found here!

Baby (5 months old +): I bought an Ergo baby carrier (I LOVE THIS! I've used about 4 different baby carriers in my days and THIS one IS the most comfortable. I also love that I can just undo it with one hand, peel it down, and lay baby down when he's asleep. No "moving-him-around-so-much-while-taking-him-out-that-he-wakes-up" problem anymore) to keep him snuggled and happy. Plus, lots of holding, tickling, and kisses! ;o)


  1. I'm now following you. I will also be doing MFW 1st grade and Preschool.

  2. We'ere doing Adventures - can you share your supply lists?!

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm not doing Adventures. :o)