Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reece's Rainbow on hold...

Well, I've showed my husband just about everything there is on the subject of adopting a special needs child internationally through Reece's Rainbow, and he just isn't interested in the big expense. He really feels for the children, and wishes he could do something more...but it can't be now. I understand. He's always pretty smart with finances.

I'm actually relieved. Isn't that awful to say? The whole idea was draining me emotionally. I was a wreck. I was scared to do something THIS BIG. My husband was getting increasingly irritated with me...and that is no fun. Maybe it is in our future, maybe it isn't. I will still be keeping in touch with the families who are moving forward at this time, and praying with them. I am still Angelina's warrior, too!So now I am back to just anxiously awaiting a call for a foster placement. :o) It's exciting, and a bit scary, knowing that someday our call will come. Our family doctor is very happy that we are doing this. She's sad that so many babies where she works have to go to other homes away from their own parents, but she is glad that I am on the receiving end. ;o) That feels good to hear, especially since she was the doctor that went through my PPD with me after my last baby was born. If she hadn't worked with me, and hadn't let ME lead when I knew God was telling me the way to be healed was to get off of ALL my medications, well, wow...I don't know where I'd be. Anyway, that is another story.

For now, I am also not going to worry about scrimping every penny to save up for an international adoption. I am taking my kids to see "The Nutcracker Ballet" (a holiday tradition for me...hubby stays home with the littlest ones while I do this...) on Saturday at a not-too-expensive theater, and I plan to take them to see the new Narnia movie (Voyage of The Dawn Treader) when it opens up (unless I hear from others that it is no good -- I am a bit leery since there is a new director running the show). We are HUGE Narnia fans here! I am enjoying my 3 year old, who is so cute and such a stinker. He's using the potty! I am enjoying my 5 year old (he'll be 6 on the 2nd!), who has such a big heart, and is so funny. I am enjoying my 8 year old, who is very sensitive and inquisitive. I am enjoying my 11 year old, who is getting brighter every day. I am enjoying my 14 year old, who complains a lot but is great to joke around with. I am enjoying my husband (last, but certainly not least), who is much stronger than I am, loves me, and loves his children.

I have a TON of crocheting to do (Christmas presents) and a lot more shopping to do (yikes!).

Homeschooling, of course, keeps me busy and is so fun! We've used My Father's World curriculum for the past 5 years, and I couldn't be MORE pleased.

I want to have the kids make a craft for relatives for Christmas (I had better get going on THAT like NOW!). I think I will see what Oriental Trading has these days.

So...with a rainbow on hold, and many to take care of, and one that I am waiting for...it is well...it is well...with my soul.

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  1. i am excited to start mfw next year! sorry that this rainbow is on hold...but we do not know what plans God holds in His hands for you and your family! Keep your eyes on Him...He will direct you...