Sunday, June 25, 2017

Work At Home AND Love It...Even If You're Already Work or Are a A Busy Stay At Home Mom? Can it be done? You bet!

I've been homeschooling since 2001.  Ten years later, after trying to be a "worker at home" a bit to supplement our income, I tried quite a few things:  Virtual Assistant -- too much pressure.  HAD to have things done at a certain time.  Just couldn't handle that much stress with so much to do at home with 6 children; Online Search Engine answering technician (Cha Cha or something like that?) -- LOTS of work with VERY little pay and lots of sicko's; and transcription -- again, too much "THIS HAS BE DONE NOW!" pressure when I just had too much going on.  Plus, all of the above were BORING me to tears.  I also saw SO many "get rich quick" schemes...and actually fell for one at first...and now they make me sick to my stomach. PLEASE...whatever you do...don't make my mistake.  Work at home jobs take WORK if you want to make real money...honestly, at least.

So, I went to one of those work at home websites, and, found Usborne Books & More (after looking around at everything else).  I never even KNEW that you could sell these awesome books as a work at home job!  I had used and VERY much enjoyed a lot of them in our homeschooling...but sharing them with others AND making a difference in the cause against illiteracy AND getting paid to do it?  I knew I had found my niche.

So I joined up!  I started doing home shows (there were no such things as "Facebook Parties," or even Facebook--at least it wasn't popular--back then, worked with schools and libraries, did booth events, and made a great income (at least $100/week) as far as helping our my family with bills and extracurricular things.

I promoted to Supervisor about a year later, and made even more.

Then, we decided to adopt a baby with Down syndrome.  We wanted to adopt a child that would really NEED a home, and that wasn't "wanted" by the majority.  He has been our little bundle (born in March of '08) of joy ever since.

However, I KNEW that I needed to take time off to care for him.  So, I backed out of being an Usborne Books & More consultant.  Little did I know how much I would miss it!

Now, 6 years later, in November of 2016, I felt I had the time, and definitely the desire, to take it on again.  I am SO glad I did!  I'm building my team, making at least $100/week again, making great friends...and oh the books!  How I missed them.  I'm also enjoying the blessing of blessing OTHERS with free books...including those in poverty.

Yes, I'm still homeschooling; and yes, I'm still a busy mom.  However, I can work this business when I can and want (there are NO sales quota's), and I know how much I can handle on my "plate" and when to say "no."  I live a very productive and blessed life.
Do you love books?  Do you have a passion for blessing others and getting books into the hands of children and away from so much of the "electronics" (not that anything is wrong with those in moderation...but reading more and more lately...electronics are addictive.  (This will say that you can't watch it, but just click on the blue "Vimeo" word, and you can.  ;)

So, if you feel like this might be for you, feel free to leave a comment, contact me, and definitely read more about the opportunity at my website here: and click on "Join."

Yes, this is matter how busy you are.  You may have to let go of some of the "But I'd have to give up ____________" things that you are doing that, if you think about it, are a waste of time (I had to...there were a few)...but yes, you can DO this.  If not with Usborne, follow YOUR passion.

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