Monday, July 23, 2012

It's official!

Got an email today saying that our adoption of Josh is final.  Cool!  Whew, that took a while.  We took custody of him in April of 2011.  Here is what I've learned in the 15 months since then...
  •  It really is okay...really!!!...if you don't bond instantly with your adopted child.  Someone once told me, "That is adoptions most hidden secret."  How awful to hide that!  NO ONE told me that that might happen.  I have since read it in books about adopting...but not once did anyone or any article tell me that...and it was devastating.  I cried so much and thought I was an awful person!  It was a lifesaver to finally find out that it was common and that I just needed to hang in there because things would get better, which they did.
  • Just because a child has Down syndrome, it doesn't mean he will "act" like he has a disability.  Maybe we are one of the few exceptions, I don't know, but I honestly can't even TELL he has a "disability" at this age.  He can do everything that all of our other "typical" children could do at that age...and more, really.  None of my other babies were doing chin-ups on their baby gate by 12 months.  O.O
  •  I'm not the type that is sensitive about negative reactions from other people about my growing family, adopting, adopting a child with Down syndrome, homeschooling, or the like.  I try to explain my stance on it, but just shrug my shoulders and move on if people think I'm nuts...or, as someone said, an "idiot."  "Sorry you are missing out," is all I can think.  Of course, this life isn't for everyone.
  • My husband gets more awesome every year.  That man is incredible.  Not perfect, but incredible!  Love him bunches.
  • If we ever adopt again, I need to keep the involved agencies, etc., on the ball.  Some of them sat on paperwork for a while...which was a surprise to me.  I'm not angry or bitter, just thinking, "Hmmm...okay...I'll remember that next time."
  • Some of my family will always try to get me to stop adopting/having more children.  You'd think they would just leave me alone about it by now...     ;o)
Next up, get birth certificate, social security card, and MaineCare card name changed.  But first, let's finish up our fun on vacation in Michigan with THIS crowd:

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